This Learner specializes mlr3::Learner for survival problems. The slot task_type is set to "surv". Predefined learners can be found in the mlr3misc::Dictionary mlr3::mlr_learners.


R6::R6Class object inheriting from mlr3::Learner.


l = LearnerSurv$new(id, param_set = ParamSet$new(), predict_types = character(),
     feature_types = character(), properties = character(), packages = character())

For a description of the arguments, see mlr3::Learner. task_type is set to "surv". Currently only possible value for predict_types is "risk".


See mlr3::Learner.


See mlr3::Learner.


library(mlr3) ids = mlr_learners$keys("^surv") lrns = mlr_learners$mget(ids) names(lrns)
#> [1] "surv.coxph" "surv.featureless" "surv.glmnet" "surv.ranger" #> [5] "surv.rpart"
# get a specific learner from mlr_learners: lrn = mlr_learners$get("surv.rpart") print(lrn)
#> <LearnerSurvRpart:surv.rpart> #> * Model: - #> * Parameters: xval=0 #> * Packages: rpart #> * Predict Type: risk #> * Feature types: logical, integer, numeric, character, factor, ordered #> * Properties: importance, missings, selected_features, weights